Un Parfum d'Histoire

73, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré - Paris VIII

Classical renovation project in the heart of Paris' 8th arrondissement, delivered undecorated with preservation measures for the interior spaces


Client: CNP - Assistant to the Client: ICADE Conseil & ICADE Property - Surface area: 2,536 m2 - Budget:  €8,000,000

How should a Parisian town-house be transformed into a Public Receiving building when its original classification was as an office space? This building used to be the head offices of the Lacroix fashion house. The challenge, not knowing who its future occupiers would be, was to apply a number of different hypotheses built around a key-concept of flexibility. We decided to recover a sense of historical coherence by reducing the hierarchy of the façades and highlight the exterior spaces such as the garden, paved courtyard and porch. This building is now occupied by the "Grand Musée du Parfum" and Rimowa's head-offices and boutique.

Ground plan

The project team


Interior architects

    Bouchaud Architectes

    24, rue Richard Lenoir

    75011 Paris

    01 44 93 84 00