Un Nouveau Souffle

59/62, rue Lafayette - Paris IX

Renovation of retail units & offices - Architecture


Client: Predica / Crédit Agricole Assurances - Assistant to the Client: CA immobilier - Surface area: 19,000 m2 - Budget (excluding asbestos removal): not finalised as yet

The Bouchaud Architectes project proposes to open up the complex, particularly its ground floor, such that natural light will guide the project's intention of accentuating frames (perspectives and the volumes) and highlight access level surfaces and collaborative functions. The succession of compressions (low open ceilings) and dilations (high open ceilings) breathes rhythm into the building's form. The floors are arranged around two patios and three planted courtyards offering the best possible ergonomics and flexibility. The complex will be completed with a number of quality features such as private balconies, squares and convivial spaces.

General plan - Interior architecture

    Bouchaud Architectes

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