Un Bel Endormi

69/71, rue Beaubourg - Paris IIIe

Restructuring of an office building - Architecture & interior architecture


Client: AEW - Prevention expert: Salamandre - Engineers: S2T - Lighting Designers: AzurLighting - Economist: Cogebat - Surface area: 2,455,60 m2 - Estimated budget: €95,404,334


This building was constructed on land owned by Mr Ansbert LABBE (the son of Felix POTIN) in 1909 by the architect Paul AUSCHER, who also designed the Felix Potin store on rue de Rennes. The building on rue Beaubourg was the home of the POTIN Company’s staff dormitories and refectories. Bouchaud Architectes proposes a return to harmony for the whole of the façade and the mouldings on the street facing façade, thus bringing them back to their original architectural values.

Plan of the current floor

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