Project Manager - Interior Architecture
Carmella est créative, patiente et minutieuse.
His plus Carmella is creative, patient and meticulous.
General Secretary
Brigitte is lively, structured and curious.
His plus She always has a cultural anecdote to tell!
Guénaële CASTAN
project manager assistant - architecture
Guénaële is organized, efficient and meticulous.
His plus She loves to dance !
Project Manager Assistant & Execution Manager
Adélie is positive, effective and dynamic.
His plus She always smiles!
Agathe GÉHIN
Project Manager Assistant - Architecture
Agathe is smily, curious and efficient !
His plus She is from the South of France !
Isabelle LEMOINE
Project Manager - Architecture
Isabelle is stubborn, curious and persistent.
His plus She is fond of contemporary art!
project Manager Assistant - Architecture
Sarah is efficient, strustfull and enthousiastic.
His plus She has practiced rugby for 5 years !
Lorena ROSSI
Project Manager - interior Architecture
Lorena is positive, motivated and curious
His plus Her chilean accent !
Sandrine LAMOTHE
Administrative and technical assistant
Sandrine is voluntary, insightful and hospitable.
His plus She has a great sense of humor !
Stéphane GRABIN
Project Director - Architecture
Stéphane is optimistic as the Caribbean Sun, enthusiastic as the mongoose, and serene just like the Mangrove.
His plus Yes, he's Caribbean!
Project Manager Assistant - Architecture
Hubert is passionate, impetuous and early.
His plus He creates videos as well !
Project Director - Interior Architecture
Daniela is attentive to details, curious and imaginative.
His plus She is Italian and makes theater costumes!
Project Manager Assistant - Architecture
Marine is sensitive, curious et enthousiastic
His plus She makes her own clothes !
Delphine ORCEL
Project Manager - Architecture
Delphine is lively, dynamic and enthusiastic
His plus She cooks tasty vegan dishes!
Dimitra PATRA
Project Manager Assistant - Interior Architecture
Dimitra funny, sensible et motivated.
His plus She is greek !
Armand SERIN
Project Manager Assistant - Architecture
Armand is curious, attentive and resourceful.
His plus He likes to play board games !
Project Manager Assistant - Architecture
Coralie is bossy, tenacious and passionate.
His plus Her husband is a baker and makes us delicious croissants !
Béatrice BRUN
Project Manager & Master of Performance - Architecture
Beatrice is inspired by simplicity and fascinated by complexity.
His plus She comes from Haiti and has the Canadian citizenship!
Project Manager Assistant - Architecture
Alizée is meticulous, invested et curious.
His plus She put the dance-floor in fire !
Enriketa PRELA
Project Manager Assistant - Interior Architecture
Enriketa is passionate, sparkling and attentive.
His plus She comes from Albania and speaks five languages!
Antoine GATTI
Project Manager - Architecture
Antoine is reflexive, implicated and unifying.
His plus No matter what : he always stays calm !
Maëlle BIDAN
Project Manager - Architecture
Maelle is smily, enthusiastic and perfectionist.
His plus She practices boxing and volleyball!
Project Manager Assistant - Architecture
Delphine is creative, pragmatic and meticulous.
His plus Traveling inspires her!
Katarina MIJIC
Project Manager Assistant - Interior Architecture
Katerina is enthusiastic, sociable and curious
His plus She always has a new artistic project in mind!
Project Manager - Architecture
Alexia is pugnacious, dynamic and sensitive.
His plus She has a very communicative laugh!
Architect Founder
Bruno is sensitive, eclectic and curious.
His plus He has an artistic soul. Photo, drawing, painting ... He does everything!
Good Mood Manager
Felix loves his master. He is kind, sweet and greedy.
His plus He does not know how to bark!
Project Manager - Interior Architecture
Graduated of the Chaillot School, Anna is passionate, dreamy and creative.
His plus She is from Siberia !
Communications Manager & Graphic Designer
Marine is creative, conscientious and determined.
His plus She is also illustrator!
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