Ruban Cinétique

Zac de Balma Gramont - Toulouse

Construction of two new office buildings & a multi-story car-park
Architecture & interior architecture


Client :
 Sogeprom / Altarea Cogedim - Spatial planner :
 Setomip / Oppidea
 - Surface area : 10,000 m2 - Estimated budget :
12,000,000 €
 - Certification objectives : 


In this new eco-district in the East of Toulouse populated with residential, offices and commercial buildings, the spatial planning contractor launched a two-phase tender operation for architects and promoters. BOUCHAUD Architects and Altarea-Cogedim were awarded the contracts for the Western plot. In respect for the project's general budgeting considerations, BOUCHAUD Architectes produced an out-of-competition proposal involving two office buildings and multi-story car-park which was finally selected. The jury particularly appreciated the treatment of the façades with no quality hierarchy between those facing the road and those facing the interior of the complex. The proposal provided detailed solutions to all of the architectural and environmental requirements specified by the spatial planner, whose attention was particularly captivated by the proposal's social mix and the quality of its public spaces. The façades play on the use of high density stratified panels, wood and enamelled terracotta.

4th floor plan

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