Built upon his desire to provide intelligent solutions for architecture and interior architecture, Bruno Bouchaud founded the BOUCHAUD Architectes agency in 2007.

A mixed & talented team

Convinced that diversity is not only a natural choice but also a major asset in project organisation, Bruno has surrounded himself with a talented team whose mix of cultures and skillsets enhances its involvement in a number of high-level tertiary sector projects in Paris and throughout other regions.


Hight quality projects

BOUCHAUD Architectes carries out operations on behalf of property owners, lessors and institutional investors, working on high-quality assets with strong potential.

A philanthropic approach

With its workforce composed of architectural designers and operational project managers, the BOUCHAUD Architectes agency applies a proactive working methodology. This begins with a contextual analysis of the size of the town, the district and the building (in order to identify relevant activities and essential human needs) before developing plans, budgets and schedules while taking all relevant economic requirements into account. This effective and human-focused approach is the agency's major strength, providing clients with quality services and delivering premises that fit with modern modes of living.


2 in 1

The skills profiles at BOUCHAUD Architects are divided across two distinct entities: the Architecture Studio and the Interior Architecture Studio. In both cases, the teams consist of Project Directors, Project Managers and Assistant Project Managers, all trained and certified in environmental performance (HQE, BREEAM, LEED) as well as the BIM process.

A constant evolution

Due to the scale of the projects involved, the agency is developing it skillsets, and today numbers 30 staff including an Architectural Conservator (a graduate of the prestigious Chaillot institute), a Financial and Administrative Director, and a Communications Manager.


Proximity & development

BOUCHAUD Architectes works in close proximity with users and has developed a global service as a result: MOVE & CHANGE is a tool designed to guide and support clients in the renovation of their headquarters and the development of new concepts.

Bouchaud Architectes

24, rue Richard Lenoir

75011 Paris

01 44 93 84 00