La Combe

20 bis, rue Lafayette - Paris IX

Restructuring of an office building - Architecture & interior architecture


Client: AEW - Prevention expert: Salamandre - Engineers: S2T - Lighting Designers: AzurLighting - Economist: Cogebat - Surface area: 3,280 m2 - Estimated budget: €9,476,633

The renovation project for 20bis rue Lafayette will involve the improvement of this very well situated and superb real estate asset through a number of actions: the specific identification of the address through the building's image notably the street façade and its new foundation walls, the densification and depth of its floor-spaces and the highlighting of the open spaces of the courtyard through the creation of a Green "COMBE" on the 5th floor.

Plan of the Lobby

The project team


Interior architects

    Bouchaud Architectes

    24, rue Richard Lenoir

    75011 Paris

    01 44 93 84 00