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23, rue de l’Université - Paris VII

Spatial planning and decoration of the Capital Fund Management offices - Architecture & interior architecture

Client: CFM - Surface area: 3,500m2 - Budget: € 3,405,000

This French Edge Fund engaged Bouchaud Architectes for the decoration and spatial planning of its new 3,500 m² head offices; the aim was to symbolically reflect the Fund's maturity through a prestigious and logical spatial arrangement. The Bouchaud Architectes agency chose to pay great attention to the existing building and its environment. The challenge was to transpose the cultural and artistic dimension of this historic quarter into the fabric of this company's new offices. In the light of this, a subtle combination of authenticity, values and high technology came into being. Through its new head offices this new leading financial company was able to inject a corporate culture which could be resumed with the phrase "have fun, work hard and make history"; and consequently users would feel at home and invest their efforts in a lasting and solid work relation.

Plan of the 6th floor

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