Cirque 7

7, Rue du Cirque - Paris VIII

Renovation of an office building - Architecture & interior architecture

Client: Etoile Deuxième - Surface area: 1,684 m2 - Project budget: €2,166,639

This superb building in the heart of the 8th arrondissement was the subject of a rapid renovation project. BOUCHAUD Architectes redesigned the office platforms instilling them with increased flexibility and agility. The common areas, hall and sanitary facilities all received a minimalist treatment such that the future tenant would be able to imprint them with their own identity. The courtyard has been freed from the rigours of time and obsolete functions in favour of a hierarchy between mineral and vegetation.

Plan of the Ground Floor

The project team


    Bouchaud Architectes

    24, rue Richard Lenoir

    75011 Paris

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