• B comme... Be Smart !2018
    Bouchaud Architectes a 10 ans !!!! À cette occasion, l'agence signe de superbes projets empreints d'intelligence, d'élégance et d'un soupçon d'impertinence...
  • B as... BIM !2017
    Because it is intelligent, brings together and optimizes the design, the BIM is honored in 2017 at Bouchaud Architectes.
  • B as... Basics2016
    Basic materials like wood remind us that beauty rhymes with simplicity!
  • B as... Build2015
    In 2015, Bouchaud Architectes celebrates the Builders that we all are, in a small or big way.
  • B as... Bijou !2014
    In 2014, Bouchaud Architectes use the aesthetic codes of jewelery by playing with curves, reflections and transparency.
  • B as... Brilliant2013
    In 2013, Bouchaud Architectes makes it shine by putting light at the center of his ideas.
  • B as... BANG !2012
    Bouchaud Architectes does not allow itself to be intimidated by the crisis and explodes the classic codes of the tertiary real estate. Say hello to contrasts, transparencies and bright colors!
  • B... Just Be 2011
    2011 is the rebirth of Bouchaud Architectes. Winning many new projects, the team is growing, developing the interior architecture studio and beginning to create ceramic design furnitures.









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Under construction
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